Durabak-M26 by ADI Technologies


Origins of Durabak-M26

In response to request from the US Navy, a small woman-owned company worked on improving its Durabak safety coating product and developed a military grade high durability deck coating called Durabak-M26. It currently stands as the only one-part deck coating product that is approved for Type I and Type III, i.e., interior wetted areas (e.g., heads, showers, galleys) and exterior weather decks for US military and Homeland Security vessels. This polyurethane is repairable-at-sea, nonskid, and yet gentle enough on bare feet and approved under MIL-PRF-32171 and the Navy's SI 009-32 and SI 009-26.

Being available in the commercial market for over 15 years, it had performed admirably under heavy industrial use and adverse weather conditions. Now that the military variant is approved for use by the Navy, the Government is poised to capitalize on the labor-saving and weight-saving features of this remarkably durable coating product on berthing areas, galleys, passageways, ladders, habitability areas and outdoor weatherdecks.