Durabak-M26 by ADI Technologies


ADI Technologies is the Master Distributor for Durabak-M26 which is manufactured by Cote-L Industries, a woman owned small business that specializes in safety coatings. To learn more about their products, click on the links below. ADI Technologies specializes in government sales and marketing with headquarters in McLean, VA (USA). Cote-L is the manufacturer of Durabak polyurethane variants including; Durabak-M26, Durabak-M18, Durabak.

DURABAK Safety Coatings
DURABAK - M26™ and DURABAK 18 - M26™ are non slip coatings that have undergone extensive Navy testing and are now available on the Qualified Products Listing. DURABAK - M26™ is currently the only protective coating approved under Mil-Prf 32171.

DURABAK is a tough, one-part, waterproof, polyurethane coating. It is made with self-contained recycled rubber granules that give them attractive, tough-textured finishes. Once exposed to atmospheric moisture, both the M26™ and the 18 - M26™ coatings undergo a chemical curing process, which changes them from a liquid to a tough polyurethane membrane. They have excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.

DURABAK - M26™ and DURABAK 18 - M26™ will chemically bond to most clean and dry surfaces. These include, but are not limited to, metal, concrete, wood, berglass, rubber, and most painted surfaces.

DURABAK - M26™ (indoor applications) and DURABAK 18 - M26™ (outdoor applications) are applied by a special roller, brush, or spray. Each is available as a smooth, protective coating, as well.

DURABAK is available for application on:

  • Unique One-part Waterproof Polyurethane Coating
  • Atmospheric Chemical Curing Process
  • Non-Slip Tough-Textured Finish
  • Self Contained Recycled Rubber Granules
  • Chemically Bonds to Most Surfaces
  • Tough Polyurethane Membrane When Fully Cured
  • Available In A Wide Variety of Colors
  • Flexible
  • Ideal For Weather Deck, Galleys and Ship Passageways
  • Ease of Application
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Petroleum Containments
  • Truck Beds
  • Loading Docks
  • Scaffolding
  • Ramps
  • Hangar Floors
  • Workboats
  • Bridges
  • Pipes
  • Elevator Floors
  • Catwalks

For more information, please contact George Barros

CeaseFire™ Flame Preventative Fire Retardant Products

CeaseFire™ two part epoxy coatings are based on Cote-L's proprietary non-halogenated phosphate technology and form a continuous char foam that protects products from both heat and flame.


  • foam char swells from 1 to 1.5 inches
  • activates at 300°C
  • provides efficient flame barrier
  • stops fire, spread of flame and smoke
  • ASTM E84 Flame Spread Test Rating = 5
  • ASTM E84 Smoke Density Test Rating = 5
  • Pittsburgh Protocol > 15 minutes
  • Flexible
  • Ideal For Weather Deck, Galleys and Ship Passageways
  • Pittsburgh Protocol > 15 minutes
  • Intumescent powder can be added to many types of coatings and compounds
  • at 10 mils thick, certified by DNV and ABS after passing strict tests of IMO (International Marine Organization)
  • insoluble in water; will not leach out over time

CeaseFire™ may be used for general-use paint in shipboard, offshore, and high speed craft applications where compliance with IMO requirements for Smoke and Toxicity and Flammability is essential. CeaseFire™ meets the 1974 SOLAS (as amended) requirements for paints/finish materials as outlined in the Fire Test Procedures Code (IMO Resolution MSC.31(67)).

The following pictures demonstrate the effectiveness of CeaseFire™ on coated corrugated cardboard. Click on an image below to enlarge:

CeaseFire 0 Seconds CeaceFire 8 Seconds CeaceFire 12 Seconds CeaceFire 10 Minutes

Once char has formed and the fire is out, the char can be scraped off the surface and the undamaged substrate can be refurbished.

For more information, please contact George Barros