Durabak-M26 by ADI Technologies

DURABAK - M26™ is the most advanced and mature single-part polyurethane safety coating available that exceeds tough U.S. Naval standards. (MIL standards -- MIL-PRF-32171B)

ADI Technologies is the Master Distributor for Government Accounts for the Durabak suite of coatings.

When exposed to atmospheric moisture, DURABAK-M26 undergoes a chemical curing process which changes it from a liquid to a tough polyurethane membrane. The result is that it has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance as well as slip-resistant properties.

DURABAK-M26 creates a chemical bond to most clean and dry surfaces including concrete, wood, fiberglass, metal, rubber and sound-painted materials although certain metals and extremely porous surfaces may need a primer. For best results the preferred application method is roller, brush or spray. Because of its durability DURABAK-M26 is used heavily in heavy construction, transportation and DOD applications.

In response to request from the US Navy, a small woman-owned company worked on improving its Durabak safety coating product and developed a military grade high durability deck coating called Durabak-M26. It currently stands as the only one-part deck coating product that is approved for Type I and Type III, i.e., interior wetted areas (e.g., heads, showers, galleys) and exterior weather decks for US military and Homeland Security vessels. This polyurethane is repairable-at-sea, nonskid, and yet gentle enough on bare feet and approved under MIL-PRF-32171 and the Navy's SI 009-32 and SI 009-26.

For Government Projects or Government Accounts, contact George Barros at 703.734.9626 or email. gbarros(at)aditechnologies.com

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